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The world as we know it is gone. The bombs landed on North America without warning.  A Middle Eastern coalition began to attack all US allied nations within range of their warheads, whilst the US military attempted retaliation with their now depleted arsenal. The European Union attempted to mediate the conflict but were blindsided by China's negotiations of peace. 

The alliances and treaties which had been a deterrent for generations, suddenly became a series of nails in the northern hemisphere's coffin. The long feared nuclear war finally came to the world, and civilisation crumbled.

In the south war raged, governments fell and northerners travelled south for safe haven. Resources ran dry. The oil which had flowed from the middle east was a memory. International trade, economic hierarchy, political stability, governments, individual rights and even personal safety became a thing of the past.

​After the decimation of the northern hemisphere, the nuclear gasses spawned a new enemy - an unseen strain of bacteria which proved fatal to man. The bacteria spread south in the air and water ways killing almost all human life it touched. For those it didn't kill, the consequences were unthinkable.

As society crumbled into chaos, humans fled to the underground while gangs of violent mercenaries controlled the lands. In a last ditch attempt to save what was left of humanity, a self appointed government known only as 'The Order' used an EMP as a delivery mechanism for an immunisation to the bacteria. The immunisation was in the form of a biotech virus that, unbeknown to the population, also inhibited infected parties from committing acts of violence and gave the Order neural control of the population.

Within this world, one man remains immune...


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